n1xie searching

Because of the inactivity in Belgium aToOn, I'm searching for a more active team to play for. I'll still finish the OC with them though. I'm still busy with the WorldCup of course, but there is no problem for me to be active.

class - medic/engi smg
avail - su/th 19 - 23 (mo 21 - 23 for the next 3 weeks)
exclans - illu, oR, oceans6, dtekt, vero, syK, II
exp - oc div 1+2 & cpc2(!)
playing for - pzz (oc 3v3)

Interested? Drop me a pm here or on irc (#pzz.et), better be fast!
gL meight. :O)
gL meight. :O)
ook geen Qcup met aToon?
gl NxM ! nice and skilled guy.. take him or die
=) good luck
gL dikkie
gl n1xie
goed luck kerel
gl NxM nice p(l)ayer
n1xie < this is teh fatal1ty version of your nick? PLLZZZZ :p

gl <3
nice aim and battle sense
veel geluk nick lensman !
cu @ cpc3 ;-)
Van mijn part kan NxM de hoogste palmboom in, kokosnoten gaan plukken als een aapje.
:DDDDDDDDDD jij bent zo grappig
good luck nxm!
gl nxm :D
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