Looking for 4 highly skilled RtCW players to join myself and Yilider in the Burnercup!

We will practice no more than once per map, so need to be able to take orders from an anal commander (me), knowledge of moveable crossfire positions for stopping enemy advances, i.e. radio room on beach to defend a document transmission. Advanced tactical knowledge required!

there arent so many of those type of guys left.
fake or not?!
ask raziel
I heard he's good.
I heard otherwise
raZiel = best rtcw player EVER
b u l l s h i t again
Not a fake. :)

Maybe being a little hopeful, but would like to play with a team who have some idea of what they're doing. Knowing how to play assault properly seems to be a big problem with the RtCW community at the moment also.
maybe because theres no community left? :(
ים שנםוא איקרק ןד?
gl finding
Yes, that was my account, until I forgot the password, and the e-mail address to recover it is no longer active.

Anyone who knows me will know my posts, not many people are quite as verbose or arrogant when it comes to RtCW.

If it is still live, then I am in.
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