deathadder problems

I have strange problem with this razer. When im using smg, or other weapon and im shooting my weapon is changeing to a dynamite or adrenaline (depends witch class i am using). Its really annoying - u have duel and suddenly your weapon is switching to a dynamite. There wasn't this problem before with my mx510, mx518 mouses.

Any ideas how to fix it ?

Deathadder is suing driver ver: 1.05 and firmware: 1.10.
Good Morning :D

maybe unbinden?
the scroll wheel is too sensitive, mine switches to nades usually : D
DA has no problems (since it's the best), you have.
Chaoz: played with DA , sucks, rejcted the DA plays again with IE 3.0
Azatey: played with DA, sucks, rejected the DA plays again with Dimondback
fenriR: played with DA, sucks, rejected the DA plays again with Dimondback

DA is too good for them :>
no rly i played with the DA around 7h a day 2 weeks or somthing liek that .... didn't get a feeling for this mouse =(
Well I've tested quite a big bunch of mice (DB, mx51x, g1, ms3.0, ms1.1, g5, habu) and I assure you that this is the best. I hate when doing fast flicks in CPM even this mouse skips sometimes. But DA has no negative acceleration like the other mice had and I like it. First times when I played with this mouse and started to make some 180's I realized that I went almost a full circle. :D

Also there are enough buttons in DA so one can bind something there if one likes.
It took me a bit of tweaking, hyperglides and steel grip but now I couldn't switch my DA for the diamondback again.

I find the sensitivity of the scroll wheel just right and the one on the diamondback almost unusable. I never activate it by accident. I wonder though, if there is a difference between the older version with the various issues (which I have) and the newer versions. Since I also heard that some DA get very warm, which mine doesn't. Maybe they fixed the squeaky scrollwheel and made it more sensitive in the process or something like this.
ye i have to same, try not to touch the scrolll :P
Its not so easy :)
omg dont use scroll
razer is shit imo logitech ftw ;)
DA is my first mouse from Razer. And after 4 weeks with this mouse i can say only Razer > Logitech.
i have that too, still best mouse aroun :)
buy a logitech mx518!
I was using this mouse 3 weeks - never again !!!
lol, why not?!
im sure that u got dyna binded to scroll.
some DA's have problem with mouse2 touching scroll.
mine has the same thing.

if u press mouse2 then scroll maybe moves

best mouse still :)
Yes i have dyne for eng, medicpacks and adrenaline for medic :)
get a mx518 ofc
I was using mx510 ~ 2 years, then something like 1,5 month ago i changed to mx518 and it was the biggest mistake i ever made. MX 518 sux - i can assure u. DA has perfect deasign and it is the best mouse i had. I try to change scroll sens and we will see.
Xen, what mousepad are you using with your DA ? (what about DPI settings ? )
I have a Razer Mantis Speed and i feel like my skates are not there. :(
mousepad: Everglide Titan, DPI: 450
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