cod2 cfg needed

howdy, i need a good cod2 config, bad graphics prefered, because my videocard isnt that great (geforce FX5200)

please contact @ #team-jote

Oh, and are there any other people here who play a team / for fun?
search > users > dmonic > download config btw rts >* in cod2 xd
geef ook ff wat goeie pubs :D

er staat alleen maar rifle only servers in mijn lijst..en ik kan het niet veranderen, beetje vaag
pls, more cfgs from lolskillors
trigger + l-king + my binds, np
i prefer skipz cfg (stable 200 fps)

and i´m playing cod2 :)
i would play more if i had a valid key + if the screen wouldn't freez for 10 secs onece in a while
/com_maxfps 125
turn v synch off in options
/r_multigpu 1 (If you have a dual core processor)
/cl_maxpackets 100
/rate 25000
go to options/graphics put everything to low (Afterwards type /r_picmip 2 so you don't get kicked)
/r_polygonsetbias 16
/r_polygonesetscale 4 (the polygone commands work on competetive servers, they're possibly blocked on publics)

You should be set to easily get constant 125 unless your pc is 3+ years old.
/r_multigpu 1 (If you have a dual core processor)
thats if u got 2 GPU's (graphic cards) and not CPU's(cores) or?
no idea, but gpu improved a teamates fps who did NOT have dual g.card.
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