ReV.eSports joins insta-Gods

QuotePortugal Revoltados eSports Enemy Territory Squad today joined Finnish Multigaming Clan Finland insta-Gods.

Having completed a full lineup, the Portugal Revoltados eSports ET squad have crowned the moment by joining popular multigaming clan Finland insta-Gods.

The news came today as Sheep and Kevin had been in talks with member of management Finland Zapeli. The squad hope the situation in insta-Gods will differ from the one in Revoltados eSports.

The clan can now work on tactics and teamplay and hopefully challenge some of the bigger clans around.

The lineup now consists of:

England Sheep
Belgium Kevin
Belgium guest
Estonia Draakon
Finland crew
Finland Tunesa
Finland Juhis
France vizZ


From the new insta-Gods, goodbye, and peace out! <3