MX518 + 1000HZ

is it "smart" to have the 1000hz mouse pooling rate?

i mean will it do any damage to the mouse in the long term view... say will it die

after 1 year or sooner

no damage

but anything above 500hz is a waste of processor if you need it for other more important things
pls stop calling it mhz. it's Hz
i ment to say hz probably i said mhz because i have a p3 600mhz and was cursing about it
in ET its pointless anyway.
500 is better
you won't get it stable anyway and it takes up more pc resource, better to stick with a 250 stable or a 500 prettymuch unstable at slower movement
what is unstable at slower movement? 1000hs or 500? :P
it can broke your usb

Overclocking the USB port had no effect on the maximum response rate.

I'd leave it to 125. But I'm on mx500 with 1000 Hz so I can't tell out of experience.. Unstable mouserate is not really a problem imo, because all mouse are unstable at low movement, as perfo allready stated.
"Overclocking the USB port had no effect on the maximum response rate."

I dont think so
I don't have a mx518, but it will prolly be the next mouse I buy. Do you really feel improvement @ 500 Hz? I would take your word for it :) I just quoted text from the test.
jeh i feel something : )

I'll stick with 500Hz
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