Matarruanos Search a MGO

Words from my team leader:

"Hello guys, I'm vieri, leader of "Matarruanos", an Enemy Territory Portuguese team.

"PortugalMatarruanos" team has recently left "elite9" MGO due to lack of support and is now seeking a multigaming organization to support and help us become better since, in Portugal, the ET scene is not very active and portuguese MGOs don't believe in ET anymore.

We have a respectable skill, "low+" in our worst and "med" in our best days, and our best performance together was at the ETL FPS Enemy Territory Series (Portuguese Cup), where we managed to get to the playoffs, being defeated by k1ck eSports Club (2nd place) in the 1/4 finals.

Our team members have represented organizations like Revoltados eSports, Insanus or
verSus e-Sports... And our ages go from 15 to 40, which actually gives a nice balance and interesting mix of points-of-view. We active players in 3on3 and 6on6!!!

Current Roster:

- vieri (leader)
- taHHir (sub-leader)
- idiroft
- Rivel
- Trafulha
- NoAiM'


- Mephz
- CDiogo
- Se!fer

All we can promise is hard work and activity.

Thank you for your attention."

If your MGO is interested in our team please contact us thru:

IM: vierijee @
e-mail: vieri.33 @
irc: #Matarruanos @
or pvt me.

gl guys
good luck guys :)
good luck taHHir is searching a mgc too ;)
no flags, no party
still I wna see flags :(
Good luck mates, but i still would like to know who played for Underworld Preachers...
talk to vieri... he wrote the damn text.
is insanus! ;) soz all
nao sei onde ... pelo que sei acho que ja' nao estou activos, nem a competir!
n te esqueças q tu n pertences-t á 1ª geração dos insanus...
gl azz0r
leaver team but GL ! :)
gl guys...trafulha e a minha mae e o noaim o meu pai. BTW is looking ffor MB also.
good luck :)
yesterday dont was a good day #dejavu.eSports 4 - 0 eLite9/Matarruanos

on topic: gl
ur players yawn is n1ce too
well who cares about randoms
because ur team is high++
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