tournementdm2 re-release


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tournementdm v.2.0
After realising a couple weeks back that this map had actually been used in a 1v1 final after it's original release date which was about 2 years ago as a fun map (and slated for being quite the boring final) I decided to redesign the original map 'tournementdm2' into this new design, it wont play the same as previous release and should hopefully be quite enjoyable to play, adding another dimension into a 1v1 map by adding health racks (at strategic locations) and a side tunnel from the original spawn which should hopefully help counteract the spawncamping noted in the flame journal. ( flame! )

List of changes:
2 Stairways added on either side of the centre of the map.
2 Healthracks on either side of the centre of the map.
A bridge has now been put ontop of the spinning ET logo which allows easier passage to the other side.
The old bumps in the map which gave you cover at the start have been changed, boxes have also been added as cover.
All boxes are breakable after 3-4 bullets adding another dimension, temporary cover.
Bugfix ; the pillars which would sometimes be shoot-through are now fixed and u cant actually shoot through them, at all!

Below are some screenshots of the new map:
Anonymous screen1
Anonymous screen2
Anonymous screen3
Anonymous screen4
Anonymous screen5

Download: to help host please pm me @ #7squadron / #crossfire
Anonymous Mirror 1: [url][/url]
Anonymous Mirror 2: courtesy of Nordrhein-Westfalen _ng
Anonymous Mirror 3: courtesy of United Kingdom Red

Hope you enjoy, peace! \o/

looks nice.
Ok, now make an article, a column, a newspost and an interview of it pls.
looks nice but big
Maybe this is a joke? Not funny anyway
gonna take up so much harddrive space? and 6.4mb download is hardly much to ask...
The problem is that I can't remember any map which took up more space... and this is only 1on1. (just look how much space need valhalla, huntplace or even old tournement)
look at all the banners = more size.. the map is only bout 4mb agreed it's quite big but comon this is 2007! :)
xD okkk
Nevermind, the map looks great.
Ist a big map for 1on1 maybe?
Having that large bridge moving like that can't be good for the fps.
with a 1960 comp 2 ?
;) upgrading for an ET map must mean you have serious problems.
pretty sexeh !
nice map, just wondering, why the banners?:)
well initially (2 years ago when i first released the map) it was meant to give a football match - kind of effect, you know... playing with sponsors n stuff on banners around you... but after that people said like "more banners n stuff plz" all sarcastic like... so i added more banners... and it dont look that bad even if i do say so myself?
it looks nice imo, btw i was thinking of making a competition map myself, just to get to know radiant again, but for 6v6 and 3v3, care to make one together?:)
maybe it will be playable now :)
nice work anyway !
Much respect to anyone producing fresh new content for ET tbfh. Keeps the game we love that more alive.
Looks more UT than ET, but seems nice.
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