lcd monitor

i want advice on what lcd monitor i shuld buy curently on a crt i have a samsung 930bf but it is so lagy in et..

so pls post some good monitors:)
I have the BENQ FP71GX and it's working fine for me ;)
I'm a designer, I picked this particular one for the colors, the response time, and the feautures (auto adjust, multi connection possible)
agree <3 too :D
I have an LG Flatron L1752S, I'm rather pleased with it.. the features are good, the colors are nice, contrast is 1600:1 and it looks great. Dosn't cost too much, either
BenQ FP93G X
Iiyama ProLite E1900S
syncmaster 920n
Viewsonic 19'' TFT VX922 - Silver / Svart (2ms)
Iiyama ProLite E481S, it's a pretty good monitor, not very expensive.
i have this monitor and it's so good:

Samsung 940BF:

Response Time: 2ms :)
Contrast Ratio : 700:1
Brightness :300

your crt is laggy and u wanna buy a lcd screen? Correct me if im wrong but isnt it the other way around?
actually the 930bf is not laggy at all :x
It is a bit :)
Samtron 73v 17'
SAMSUNG SyncMaster 740 BF (2ms/75hz@1280*1024)
oter way around my samsung 930bf feels rly laagy in et its like have 400 ping and playing and when u turn i cant se a shit untill i stop turning

thx for all help
The only advise i can give is to NOT buy Asus MW221U if you're going to use it for gaming. It's got extreme ghosting despite it's 2ms response time. From the reviews I've read it seems that a Samsung Syncmaster is the better and cheaper choice atm.
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