pc probs

my pc is soo screwed, when i leave it on for like 3-4 hours while i'm doing stuff, it starts to mess up, things like...

- vent goes weird, icons go black
- loads of text starts to disappear on webpages n vent n stuff
- msn goes weird too, can't see text sometimes and chat window box goes from white to light blue
- programs don't open because of too many resources, then i have to close loads of stuff to open, but eventually everything messes up again

now i just rebooted and all my vent info has gone and irc nns messed up too :////


what's teh prob?:{ it didn't used to do this
Generic pup.j

same here
i dunno :/
Windows is teh problem - instal linux
Try running AVG free virusscanner
Then run HitmanPro

Then try system recovery

Then try a format if it all doesn't work

It can also be that your windows is corrupt, in that case, format
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