#Innocense coming back!?

After a period of not-gaming (since new-years-eve actually) I am starting to play again. This goes together with the fact that some people would like to see the Innocense guild back (phesix xD). Well there arent any other great clans recruiting at this moment so its really a good consideration.

What we need is tryouts though. We prefer mature players that arent ashamed of theirselves, so they have the guts to talk on vent. We prefer 17 or 18+ people. We arent sure about the nationalities yet (if we stay benelux or go european) but we'll see that when we check out the tryouts. We prefer round med skill or higher.

Just for your interest, at this moment I still suck and I know that, but I didnt forget how it worked, just have to get used to the game and the chaos again :).

If you are interested, send me a PM here, or contact me in #innocense.

PS. I know it is actually innocence, but innocense is a flower in California so thats ok too.
:))) haha flower in california:DD
The truth is #innocence as chan was taken so we took #innocense ...

but dont tell anyone
we beated u bout 6-8 months ago :)
Innocense vs goon-Squad ...?
u cant beat the waki-special plz...
the only great clan recruiting at the moment!!
thats SO true!
gl innocense
Arphetic you are a rly nice guy
Thanks sHay...

and to be honest... im less flame and whine then before :P



but im insane now...
gl i may have to hit ya up for a tryout =]
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