Clan is looking for a ET Division!

Hello, I am Germany SPU9 from #Lucky-Bitches

At the moment, #Lucky-Bitches is looking for a skilled Enemy Territory sqaud to become part of the Bitches family.
Our old Enemy Territory squad (LB - priX) is very inactive because the leader went to Germany oxid - thus they ll probably call it a day (sooner or later, after more than 2 years of (succesfull) gaming).

The enemy territory squad would get all the basic stuff (bouncers, private warserver, ts/(vent) channel).

We're looking for:
- A "skilled" Enemy Territory squad
- "High" ranked on ladders
- Competing in leagues and cups is prefered
- Active
- average age beyond 16
- It would be nice if you are not a new 2 weeks team

"..." = not compulsory required

You can find / contact me on #Lucky-Bitches at quakenet (nick: SPU9 / SPU9`oFF).

Have a nice evening!
nice! = )

1€ = 1 hour sex!
morf`: crod is one knife kill ahead
You forgot the part: now he is running for his life :O
3rd gl
ASK I heard they are good :O ? ;)
they lost a round to a mix (med/+) & left the server after that
probably they mixed too ;) Im pretty sure tbh :P

u will need it:)

i havent found a skilled team since a long time

only lot of 2 weeks wannabe skilled shit...
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