avi for clip

Hi folks.

I should make a little frag clip, between 3-5 minutes.

Collect ur demos.
Add times.
And if u want music.

I'll do it in 5-6days...

If u interested pm me @


thx cu

EDIT1: my quality: http://rapidshare.com/files/39292093/radar.mp4.html
GL adze :) <3
ty mate <3
why is everyone making a kind of allstar movie? :o
gL anyway its a nice idea :>
Have fun
thx guys :)
you should, you could, but you wouldnt
make an movie instead of a clip
Amazing clip tho. 7 seconds viewable content and a 8,24mb huge file. Good luck.
nah dont bother, but if you will gl with it
great idea, I prefer movies with frags from more then just 1-3 players anyway.

It's jsut kinda boring to see a whole movie with frags from 1 person.

I'm still waiting for the first movie with clips from all kinds of different games, like a collection of all the best frags from all of the best games
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