i have the following problem with my mx 518:
if i play et (ONLY at playing et, doesnt happen in prey, bf2, windows...) my mouse sometimes suddenly doesnt work anymore, the laser goes off and the sound, which shows that hardware has been plugged off, appears. a few seconds later, the sound that hardware has been plugged appears and it starts working again. then, the dpi are changed, they are higher. i dont use any mousedrivers or smth, only mx518 on exactmat. i dunno what the problem could come from, it came from the nothing, i didnt change my software nor damaged my mouse, i cant imagine what it could be. the effect sometimes appears several times in 5 minutes, sometimes one time per match.
anyone knows that problem or has an idea how to solve that?
Install USB drivers and logitech SETPOINT
i will give you a present for a link :)
I believe you Puu, and i know that u cut ur hair!
hype had same problem he just straightened out his mouse wire and it works fine afaik now
well, it is straightened, except at the edge of the table where it goes down to the pc :/
Straighen it and you can get a laminet mosue cable holder (belive it or not) if it comes to that then just get one =]] Otherwise get your money back and get other.. O.o
I had the same problem, first I toughed there was something wrong with my usb, so I switched to ps/2, worked for couple of days, started again. Bought a new mouse problem fixed. What's your mouse pollingrate atm? doesnt understand pollingrate :(
do you mean my DPI?
Buying a new mouse is the only option, had this problem also with my Razer Diamondback, i bought i new one and sold the broken one on ebay xD problem fixed
the mouse wire is broken, has happened to me several times with mx510 and with G5.
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