Retarded :ET:QW problem

When i try to start QW i keep getting error = etqw.exe has encountered an error and needs to close

Can't seem to fix that prob, i've tryed newest nvidia drivers, also some older one's and still i get that problem -.-
2low pc :<
2low pc :<
2low pc :<
2< pc low :
2low pc :<
2low pc:>
i don't know
Well, if you got RAM in your computer and you do that times 3 you will get a bigger HD so your mouse will work way better then. Allso you can try putting your keyboard in a OTHER whole in your computer. This might fix the fact that your monitor is not working proper. Allso if you press your right mouseclick you can press: Restore system, if you do that you will delete quakewars after 30 minutes.
So, i gues your pc is 2low.
GL anyway
ur one of the lucky people that dont have to play it then
2low pc
2low u
owned by your pc :p
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