Hptm loooooking!

teamplayer,really good reviving medic, also fop/smg eng if needed.
I consider myself as quite experienced player.
friendly ;D
more info in my profile

what i want:

stable team, speaking english
skill doesnt really matter

what i dont want:

kids clan

You can find me at #crossfire
/q Hptm or leave me msg here
gl nice guy
sounds mature -gl
QuoteEngi smg. So low-, only has to plant dyna and defuse + throw 4 nades, to be able to do that you have to play at least 4 years of ET.
hm,he,iji,junky,me are cless? who else? -make a mix! :D
gl mate !!!!!
gl hauptmann
phi, polaks!
Good luck hptm!!!

Take him, real polish lagging skills!!!!
gl hptm :!
Good player, take him now!
gl herr Hauptmann
skill doesn't rly matter but nothing lower than xfire med+
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