fuzz busted

Well, it's a kind of Latvia selfbust.

Check these demos for cheats please.

Some serious business cup admins found Portugal cheats in there. I fail to see where, because I am hiding them very good.


I played with my fun-team in some fun-cup vs some fun-skilled team. We won them. After the game admin (serious business) asks for demo, I upload it, after a while we are told the game is forfeited because of my Netherlands hax.

It's not that I care if they think I cheat or if we loose this match, I feel bad for my Anonymous super-funteam if we are getting forfeit for false accusations.

Some random quotes:

(Admin1) i'll overlook all pre-shooting and shooting through smoke
(Admin1) go get a brain
(Admin1) The score will remain with ff win for busted.

(Admin2) After serveral admins watched the demos we saw many weird scenes i.e. shooting through a smoke on a wall with a layer behind, running out of the frontgate at goldrush straight aiming at a player behind a wall and many others scenes we got the conclusion that it is to weird and it looks like wallhack so we give a forfeit win for team busted

(Admin1) Shoot at walls exactly where players are without anyone seeing em, very difficult
(Admin1) rofl

(Admin1) You shoot on walls and throught smokes where you could never see anyone.. You kidding me?

(Admin1) I dont care. Its a decission based on many admins. Pm Admin2 for that. Its not like i make the decissions. I said its obvious on many parts not only the wall shooting.

(Admin1) lol. you're getting funny.
(Admin1) the fact that you shoot on walls where people are without seeing them before and without any of your teammates seeing them makes it more then suspicious.

*Demo contains some low skill action from me and our opponents. Download at your own risk.*
cant, have to wait 80 minutes
who currs, ur shit even if u hack.
Skill : high
Lineup : Hype, roYal, beAsty, pulZa, mud1zta, seya

gogo highskiller!
hi fanboy, check my profile more plxz
to see all your "high skilled" teams? already did
If he is shit you are like diarrhea?
u r shit even if u get brain
olol I said something about your internet friend and the whole Latvian Community is on KaMZ aszZ
bring your paki friends so we can fight!
you are rly funny :|
yeah fuckhead your mom has a mustache pakian retardo
i saw the demo too.. a bit obvious... nice wh
get proper filehosting!
having shared IP with hundreds of tards makes rapidshare the best option for me!
why u continue playing this funny cup ? go play nintendo :>
I play it!
it's funny...right ?
Itz cool, I play the Wii :DDDDDDDDd
haha fuzz cheating!11 that made my day! :D:D:D:D:D
lololol lowbird got busted by more lowbirdies :XDD
boohoo fuzz!
hacking cunt
Recent Comments:

pro LOL
You should get banned for being a nerd
1ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: what the hell is this crap?
finally i knew it muahahaha
make avi pls
Now everything is suspicious? Many players have a lower IQ than Bokito. They always sit at the same obvious places so noone needs to see them to kill them. Also many player movements are way too predictable so if you saw them before smoke was thrown it's not hard to kill them. Add hitsounds to that and you can shoot players with your eyes closed.

Retards. I'm with you Hot Fuzz.

(Didn't watch the demo because I don't have ET installed but I can imagin what happened)
www.Get the fuck out of here.com kiss arse!
witchhunt i tell ya!
the best way to cover it that someone is cheating is to make such "selfbusts"

reminds me of bad movie plots.
anyway i dont think you're cheating.
Nice cheats, I hacked fuzz pc and look what i found:

snd`vinyl: Fuzz, I hope we win this mega cup, the cheats koto gave us should help imo!
snd`fuzz: nP, we will win, I was extra careful hiding my prohack! :D:D:D:DDDDD
loooolz :DD::D::Ddd:
Upload pls :D
nice 4-man panzer @ frostbite defence
still lolling at this bullcrap :)
Watched the demo.. wasn't impressed!

No seriously, I watched the first demo from grush and there was a couple of incidents that looked a bit fishy; that could however be because I can't hear that much on my left ear at the moment.
I've just ate a fish pie!
big bullshit, fuzz is highskilled tbh :< <3

p.s avi or it didn't happen
whats weird about that :D::D::D:::::D:DD
whats point of selfbust? xD
always knew it
ET enginne like cs1.6 allow to use cfg showing sup going behind the smoke so what the problem ? if some fucktards never tried to do cfg like this they shouldnt say anything about chears and stuff
looooooooooooooool for sure then download his config and look if u can see trough smoke!!! retard

*EDIT*: i tested.. .u cant see through smokes!!!
i dont care about nonames cfg
i told only its simple to set it :
r_intensity 1.5
r_colorbits 16/24
r_overbrightbits 1
r_mapoverbrightbits 3
r_gamma 1.5/2.5

http://img100.imageshack.us/my.php?image=elodymekzq5.jpg <-- screen from my old cfg .

/ dont have et so dont remember exactly but with those settings its possible . U dont need wh to be a potm .
Fuzz never cheat all these years. Its stupid at least
I think its colorbits 16, with 32 smoke not transparent.
About demos: I did not notice any serious shooting through smoke, mainly landmines and nade spam, also shooting to med skill opponent and selfkills.

I'm sure Fuzz can own with default config.

added: Opponent didn't know how to atack, also was a lot of information in ventrilo and known spawn times
They can't be serious... There was NOTHING weird in those demos. Damn retarded people running cups...
í wont watch the demo but it sounds that the admins getting more noobish day by day :D
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