Some Questions

- What is the best way to clean Qpad lowsense?

- What is the best setpoint version for MX518 (I heard the newer versions are bugged?)

- I have a 3.20 Intel Pentium 4 PC with GeForce 6800 256MB (not gt) and 1GB Ram, but yet I struggle to get constant 100 fps on goldrush and radar, that can't be normal can it? Sometimes it is 60-70 :s

- Do most people have colour quality on 32 or 16 when playing ET?

- My mouse is always screwing up, it stops responding randomly when I don't expect it and I have to reconnect it from usb (I have tried front and back usb ports), sometimes I only have to reconnect it 1-2 times in a scrim and sometimes about 40 lol, I only bought it 2 months ago so I don't know what's wrong, although I have ordered a new one, what else could it be? something on my pc??

I can't answer most of these, but I know your QPad Lowsense can be just thrown in your washing machine. Check for information.
Have you tried deleting your setpoint? it could help..

I don't know about most people for colour quality but it all depends on your computer specs. I use 32 :>
1. washing machine
2. just try them
3. check for virus' or spyware and / or reinstall et and probably get a low detail config
4. depends, but i think most people use 32
5. have same with my headset - [have to restart vent + et all the time]. the USB-Plug of your mouse is fucked up, not the computer. prolly a defective contact. try to attach the end of the cable
washing machine
and 16bits
clean? just sweep it over with a wet towel
if you want to renew it and make it uber smooth,
make it moist with some towel or something, don't flush it with water, just make the surface wet
then iron it, on the lowest setting and quickly.
will be so fucking smooth for a few weeks, then you need to do it again
3.1 setpoint version
16 i think
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