its summer <3 (every language allowed)

the time when i played et was very nice and nothing went wrong for me
i dont want to write much because im tired after our lan :)
my shoutouts (et mates):

Germany morbiuz (lol du kekshure bald gibts rl bash :D)
Germany bloed
Germany schnee (hab dich lieb saschia)
Germany FimS
Germany lau
Germany dis
Germany wAyne aka timH (wir sehen uns waldgeist :O))
Germany dXc
Germany chn
Germany faux
Germany midas (wir sehen uns auch waldgeist :DDD)
Germany Zahl
Germany bo (thx 4 etqw keys, wir sehen uns auf lan boland)
Germany dce
Germany gANg-D
Germany MrMoe
Germany wunda
Germany Spontan
Germany hannes
Germany pils
Germany clov
Germany ober
Germany reign
Germany chad
Germany zisu
Germany kze
Germany mKh
Germany Pa!N3ViL
Germany nettet
Germany rapster
Switzerland Lampta
Switzerland Wolverine
Turkey fireBall
Italy dAn0n3 :XDDDDd
Spain Winghaven
Spain chi
Poland virtu
Poland Aramusha
Poland diAler
Poland boja
Poland Fasolka
Poland Nightkiller
England Sheep
Netherlands Loekino (loekini marzini, cu @ur next lan)
Netherlands maikel (YO maikel... east and west side aight 4life)
Netherlands muz (banino muzino wow addicted forever)
Netherlands perfo
Netherlands kris
Netherlands vis
Netherlands levz (i will miss you little dutchie :>>>)
Finland Varma
Finland noctiferia
Finland Ruipperi
Finland kotz
Sweden irZy
Sweden kiitos
Sweden blaze
Belgium kiss
Belgium jimi
Belgium Anaconda (love you han)
Austria xet (zenz du opfa wir sehn uns =))
Austria Kan0wne
Austria Sick (man sieht sich neitschy)
Slovenia mqtri (dont play 2much guitar kthx)

most important quake mates:

Germany Papst
Germany Terror
Germany JIjN
Germany DeathAngel
Germany MrDeath
Germany Till
Germany pumi
Germany Igor[ROCK]
Germany geist
Germany pain
Germany sHoRTie aka BiNJa aka LooMaX (funniest player ever)
Germany mAd_doG
Germany haui
Germany Malte-X
Germany frEd
Germany N
Germany _raZiel_
Germany _alibert_
Germany DrDude
Germany freeze
Germany beast
Germany bruceleet
Germany neok
Germany pHeX
Germany peacemaker
Germany ivan

also best regards to:

Europe craZy
Europe The Cows
Europe proPlay
Europe overload
Germany Geh aB Clan
Germany quadaver
Germany Team oxid
Germany Schnuffel-Net
Germany die nixblicka
Germany rocket affen mit waffen
Germany aq2 Clan
Germany eXcommunicated
Germany Empire of Azeroth
Germany empuLse
Slovenia zelenjavcki
Austria koga

i think im not gonna play et again
if you wanna play a duel against me query me in #quake.ger, send me an e-mail to, ask me @ icq 505-253 or @ msn
it was a nice time and ill miss everyone i played with
cu @ ETQW, promode or Q4 <3
bb :<<<<
where is my shoutout raki? :<
only for you
woohooo :)))
en pe duuuddf
gpogm2bed bobiy

Bye and good luck mate.
bb mate :(
u will come back after summer fo sure. u have too :((
bibuy <3333
bibuy 8< hf @ real life !
no estonian friends = no friends at all :)
you can be my estonian friend :DXD
virtu <3 raki :'(

bb <3
bibuy raki :( <3
bb :(

und spielen wir wieder???? :DDDdd
"i think im not gonna play et again" 9 jahre alte lügen!
und bloed nur #2 nach morb. schäm dich :P
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