fps drops

my fps is dropping every 3 seconds from 125 to 25, making it impossible to duel with smg, though it makes me unhittable i want to get rid of it, anyone know what's wrong, because i only have trouble with it in ET.

videocard: geforce 8800 640mb, and ye i got a processor which can handle it
Buy new Graphiccard btw hi
theres only one better videocard on the market if you don't count on making your own or using LSI :<

is it all the game long? or just the first 5 min?
could be anything tbfh
i'd format and install the latest drivers afterwards (videocard, motherboard chipset)
if you don't want to format, try scanning your computer for spyware/virusses (use hitman pro) and simply reinstall some drivers
Dont use xfire
close xfire and msn
you probably have a dualcore cpu.

When in ET, minimize it and go to the task manager and find the process et.exe.

rightclick on it and go to "Set affinity" (no clue what it would be in other languages) and uncheck one of your CPU's (or three if you have a quadcore, thing is you need to keep et.exe on one core only.. now go back to et and enjoy.
didn't know that, sounds more than interessing
ronn i have fps drops too.. but i have penntium 4 , not duocore :O what should i do :P u are god u have to know ;D otherwise te bom prefuku :D
It's Punkbuster, if you got the two services running called pnkstrA and pnkstrB then that is the problem.
you need it to play ET, or ?
yeah my whole pc freezes sometimes :<
Same shit yesterday, every 5seconds i had 25 fps instead of 125... couldn't play :/

Seems that this problem is only here when my computer is too hot (Oo)
problem still not fixed
problem is still not fixed, i updated the drivers, but it's still dropping, even with xfire and msn turned off.

i have no trouble reaching 160 fps at movie making settings, it just goes to 15fps for 0,1 sec every 4 seconds, which is really annoying in duels.

Need more suggestions :> tried out ronners idea, it was already at one cpu, and so far i know i only have one punkbuster running, not sure i know how to check it though
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