Probs with ET!

Hello, I got problems with ET!
When I start up ET it's all fine, I can be spectator, but when I try to join up it says: Fault in ET.exe...
I already reinstalled ET but did not work..
Need help!! :<
delete ur hax
i bet you'd know about that
format c:\

Scan your PC for virusses or spyware or any other shite

CCleaner or SpyBot S&D are good programs to delete spyware & other mess

and download Avira Antivir (or any other good & free scanner) to prevent virusses :)
I think there is a fault in ET.exe.

First deinstall, then manually remove everything that has to do with ET; program files folder/shortcuts.

Download ETpack v1.3.

Vista? make sure you let it run as XP software, as well as your minimizer. (don't have Vista myself, but I know it's something like that...)
dude, i play ET for 4 years and never had problems and just yesterday I started connecting and it was fault....
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