cpu question

Well I have 2 cpu's - one came with pc and one from old pc but I don't know which is better :D

1st - Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.20GHz @ 3192MHz (Dell Inc. 0GC375 mainboard) - 800Mhz FSB, 512Kb Cache

2nd - AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Processor- Venice 2.0GHz 512KB L2 Cache Socket 939

I also have a GeForce 6800 and GeForce 6600 but it's obvious which one is better there :p

Also, I tried to take 512 DDR ram from my old pc and put it into my new one but it doesn't fit in :( I also tried to put my 60GB HD in too but I think the sockets are different or something in the back, is that normal?

WDF I HAVE A FUCKING GeForce 7500 LE and i cant get 125 fps stable not even 76 stable ! n1 selfbust kamzz! :D
oh shit, forgot to remove the text @ the bottom wazzafuck!
idd it isnt possible to get more than 1000 fps on ET
you forgot a zero there.
its not edited, look @ my profile for PC specs
and its like r_mode 2

but with these high fps i could not move my mouse anymore :X
also if i changed it back, didnt work, so i needed to restart et
I'd go with the P4 because with a boxed fan this one can prolly be overclocked to 3,6ghz whilst the amd64 can't take that much.
I have the same AMD 3200+ and runs fine @ 2,6 GHz with boxed cooler on my ASUS A8V

think the AMD is just a little bit better than the INTEL P4 cuz the P4 is a crappy CPU and my AMD @ 2,6 GHz is doing way better then my brothers P4 3,0 GHz and I don't think those 200 MHz more can make a difference on a P4 cpu.

Maybe if you get the P4 @ 3,6 - 3,8 GHz it's better then the AMD but I don't think thats possible with a boxed intel cooler.
QuoteAlso, I tried to take 512 DDR ram from my old pc and put it into my new one but it doesn't fit in

the old ram could be ddr, while new motherboards often only have ddr2 slots (so it doesn't fit)
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