shitty mouse accel after format

ok i'm back after format and i noticed that my mouse movements/senstivity become much more faster than b4

mouse: Logitech G5
drivers: oFF - no SetPoint
windows senstivity: default 6/11
firmware 1.2 - last update - enabled
dpi: 2000 & default mouse rate 500 = the best for G5 imo
mouse settings in game: sensitivity 1 & m_pitch 0.016 & cg_fov 90
registry mouse: MouseSpeed 0, MouseThershold1 0, MouseThershold2 0.
all the settings that i have had b4 format

first of all i tried to play without any patching or using cplmousefix.reg/mouse fix.reg
and I must to say that windows mouse accel just awful I couldn't aim like that and i felt with sens 10 in game so I tried sens 0.5 and steel it sux hard

then i used cplmousefix.reg -> restart -> and then tried to play so yes it is much better than default mouse accel without any changes after format but seel not the same that i had b4 format
then i used mousefix.reg -> restart -> then tried to play and i didnt notice any big difference between cplmousefix.reg and mousefix.reg but i dont know
then i used patch -> restart -> tried to play and it was great the most similar to what i had b4 format but... i didn't feel comfortable, my mouse moved faster than b4 and i must say that i didnt change even one thing from the settings -> all the same

i dont wanna use drivers but i think that what i had b4 was like OS Implementation in drivers
how to make it OS Implementation "accel/movements/speed/sensitivity" without using drivers?


"Take A Look" @ My Registry Settings
I think all OK.
image: vxccccccccccccccccccchw3
I had numerous of spywares and i deleted 'em and after that my sens felt very fast although all my settings were the same.
as you would need sens :D
are you kidding at me? lol i'll try ur advice later and update u all
i think that NOD32 / Spyware Doctor / AVG Anti-Spyware Plus / SUPERAntiSpyware Professional can deal good with spywares and viruses i hope ur right thanks anyway
Yeah i mean, that when i deleted all my spywares sens got fucked up...
omg you helped me a lot thank you i'm going to buy NEW-MOUSE
this could be the same bug i have, sens feels shitty overall and ya cant hit dick... oh well gl sorting it, ive been trying for months... if you do please let me know :)

oh and if you have what i have, no drivers or mousefixes will fix this prob... ive tried em all
omg same problem and same 'symtoms', i'm glad to hear that i'm not the one ;\
all happened to me after format, god help us solve our shitty problem ;<
ye only prob is that ive got no clue how to fix it...
hm moths passed since the problem came up, what about now.. you got used to that.. and you can aim like b4? or steel you 'sux' and your aim fucked up?
i got used to it... but i still cant control it.. im playing @ 50% atm
i see... It looks exactly the same to me.. cant control it and cant hit a shit.
thats why a4techswop80 > G5 ! : DD
try to use thedamned4.0 from raziel for those mouse settings.. i got g5 aswell.. and when i change my MouseSpeed 0, MouseThershold1 0, MouseThershold2 0.
it doens't even work! (for me)

(I got g5 aswell)

pointer precision 1 = slow
pointer precision 0 = fast

so maybe u got it 0 ? or.. i dunno
hard to find @ google thedamned4.0 can you upload it pls?

than the second link ( by some guy called Sly?)
he says: download the movie here but thats not true ^^,
it's AimingbyRaziel.. and when u've downloaded that u can find thedamned in the file called: Tools (raziel explains more stuff about thedamned4.0 in his guide)

just install Setpoint? (makes g5 smoother tbh:x)
tnx 7% of 100% ;p, after dl.. open the program and change there these registry cvars to 0?
MouseSpeed 0 & MouseThershold1 0 & MouseThershold2 0
after you did it ur problem solved and you had the same like me and 'Borat'?
edit: u said
pointer precision 1 = slow
pointer precision 0 = fast
wtf? i dont see these cvars @ my registry settings if i'm wrong where to find it? ;D
thx in advance
- just look in the guide for more information about the damned

- Nope. ( i had)
but you use 2000dpi.. i think thats bugged :x
read the tutorial from Overboost,
he says 400dpi is better .. and i agree with that.. i used 2000dpi aswell but thats way to fast!
untill i went using 400dpi and readed the guide from raziel and overboosts tutorial.
I have uber smooth sens now.

edit 2:

overboost tutorial ^^

edit 1: configuration -> mouse -> options for pointer -> pointer precision 0/1

(i got dutch windows so i dunno if i translated that well, and my english is bad aswell:d)
ok ok i'll look @ raziel's guide
lol you mixed with 'overboost' this is 'overdrive'
anyway i have already read that guide about 3 mothns ago
(in that time i had MX518 and I used 800dpi like he said for good comp's FPS players) till I bought G5 and used 2000dpi...
2000DPI improved my AIM a lot i disagree with you it's not that fast for me and others[i know about 4 isr high skilled players that play with same mouse & settings -> read below].
with default windows senstivity 6/11 & firmware 1.2 & 2000DPI & default mouse rate 500Hz & win accel OFF = workED[in the past b4 format ;'<] perfect with my G5
there are just to mutch problems with the g5.. maybe is the g5 just bugged :x

First day: i set my Setpoint mouse speed to 4 (didn't change anything)
Next day: Setpoint mouse speed changed to 11 (without changing it) but it still feeled the same as with 4th dot..
than changed it back to 4th dot again.. and gues what.. my mouse whas FUCKING slow.. (wtf.. stupid mouse:<)

edit again :d :

whats good for high skillers doesn't mean it's good for you.
maybe those settings work for there Computer only? i dunno :p
lol god damn raziel's guide @ 20kb downloadspeed 49% and 1hr to wait ;<
man this is NOT mouse's problem, this is DRIVER's problem, SetPoint drivers well known bugged and not recommended to use same with Razer Drivers.
edit: "take a look" here
"Don't install them, Razer drivers suck, so do logitech. You can change DPI by the buttons and use the sens in game. Trust me i found out the hard way people may have different options they are welcome to them buts that i feel!"
edit2: steel i couldn't find
"configuration -> mouse -> options for pointer -> pointer precision 0/1
(i got dutch windows so i dunno if i translated that well, and my english is bad aswell:d)"
where to search? (ControlPanel -> Mouse / Regedit -> Mouse ? )

Mouseacc imo disabled
setpoint/win sens 4/11
dpi: 400
accelfix: yes
mouse hz: 500
mouse: logitech g5
mousepad: razer mantis speed

still.. i tested A LOT of different settings with my G5 and those were the best.

and nvm about that pointer presicion.. :p
(you can find it were u can change windows mouse sens)

conclusion: buy a new mouse :d

image: pointergs8
ohhh now i see yes configuration pointer -> pointer precision is -> 0
and it must 2 be 0 by default
1. Locate usbport.sys in %SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers
2. Take a backup of the file, save it like usbport.BAK for instance.
3. Hexedit the file, locate this string: "3C 08 73 09 C6 86 0A 01"
(You can google for one, a lot of free hexeditors on the net. I used
Hex Workshop 4.0)
4. It's found at offset 89344[0x00015D00] in SP2, may differ from no-SP/SP1 systems.
5. Replace that string with this one: "B0 04 73 09 52 8A 0A 01"
6. Save&reboot
7. Go into safemode (this is to avoid WFP), replace the patched usbport.sys in both
%SystemRoot%\System32\Drivers AND %SystemRoot%\System32\dllcache
8. Reboot, and it should all work fine.
9. Back in WinXP, check samplerate, and you SHOULD notice the change. For the ones with total
blindness for such things; you will notice that sensitivity is LOWER.
Other things: Better responsetime/less jitter/mouselag/whine from you.
10.And this is the 250hz patch, the 500hz patch is this one : "B0 02 73 09 52 8C 0A 01". gl&hf
*the files are in raz aiming pack
how i can i replace the string?
i found it .. but what now?:x
just type the new one over it, save the file on your desktop for example and then boot safemode, replace the file in the original folders with the one you "fixed"

3C 08 73 09 C6 86 0A 01

---> B0 04 73 09 52 8A 0A 01

get hex workshop from
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