Quake 4 1.3 Patch

well i uninstalled quake 4 and reinstalled it.
i also wanted to install the 1.3 patch, but the install wizard keeps telling me that this patch already is installed and first should uninstall it. it asks me if i want to do it now, i press yes and a window appears which tells me that the patch has been uninstalled properly. if i retry to install the patch the same shit appears again. i also tried to re-uninstall quake 4 and reinstall it, but i still cant install the patch.
any advices?

Quote by vAurienwell, i think there's the fault.
maybe the patchinstaller looks in the registery for the patch, and saw that it already is installed, though it doesnt exist anymore (but its in the registery because it doesnt get deleted there if you dont use an uninstaller to delete the game)
you will have to clean your registery, but i dont know how to do this, maybe someone else can help you with that ;)

anyone knows how to do that?
1.4.2 patch
1.4.2 patch
1.4.2 patch
1.4.2 patch
1.4.2 patch
oops , breaked the chain again !
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