which mouse?

I'm going to buy a new mouse, but i'm almost broke :), so I don't want to spend more then 15/20 euro, and i doubt about 2 difrent mouses:

Trust Wireless Optical Mouse MI-4910D - 1000 dpi

Trust Optical Combi Mouse MI-2500X - 800 dpi

Which is the best for gaming (ET)? Plz help
MX 518 .

It's a good mouse .
u suck
buy mx518
no wireless!!!
mx518 is good the g5 too =)

but your mouses in the topic suxx
mx518 = 35€

and check price for mx510
but u should not get such a random noname mouse

if u want one of yours here, then take the second because of the wire
its 40 here... and i gonna buy it...
mx518 is good, dont take copperhead, only made bad experiences with it.
Take neither of them!
buy a mx518
copperhead is good also take it :!
don't buy a wireless mouse it sucks for gaming.

btw if u wonna spend about 20 euro for a mouse i think this is good for ur budget:


trust predator is the answer i suppose!

but a mx 518 is good too i have this :D
and also vjt, not all wireless mice do not suck for gaming, aslong as in the logitech g5 you use weights and dont prefer it alot lighter... the g7 (a little heavier but as with all mice you get used to it) is far better than the g5 for gaming... although with an extra price :) i am sure you have never used a wireless mouse for gaming or atleast not the g7, i used both... and without a wire is amazing for the same performance.

but i do agree that most wireless mice do suck, but dont generally say they all dont... because for the extra price you get a mouse that shoots out batterys like a tank accross the room and comes with 2, so whilst you play with 1, 1 charges... then you can set it with setpoint to tell you 'x' minutes or 'x' hours when the mouse will die so you can be prepared. :)
mx518,took me long to use it but it´s worth it
just spend more than 20e and buy Logtech G5 =Z
Eehm... Trust? :s At any rate, no wireless
mx518 is da best
Spend money on a good headset imho
GUYS ARE U ABLE TO READ?? I don't want to spend more then 15/20 euro, where do you can buy mx518 with 20 euros
You can buy a A4Tech X-718F, nice mouse, 2000 dpi, 1000hz mAx
Actually, A4Tech mice support only 125 Hz.
1000hz here :) didn't exploded yet
Did you check the real number of signals the mouse sends or just changed the polling rate of USB ports?
rofl...trust, you will have to buy a new one in a week, mayB 2.
trust sucks btw
Tbh you should take MX518, razer's doens't fit to hand, at least for me :l
MSIME 3.0 is about 30e and is better than any mx or g5
Don't buy from trust, their products suck and break down in no time.

I'd recommend an mx518 or a G5. You might be able to find an MX510 cheap second hand.
Razer Deathadder / Copperhead
omg nice mice... wtf is this ? trust !:D

mx510, if you can't buy it take 518.
ah and you'll need a good pad for full comfort of playing.
As everyone say's : Get the MX518
MX 518, dont buy that TRUST crap!
mx518. great mouse and so reliable. you buy an unknown mouse and it will break after few months. mx518 will last 18 months. saves u money in long term
my mx518 doesn't work for few seconds sometimes... after 2-3 months. That's evevn worse than my mx310 I had before. And I never pulled on the wire too hard or whatever (I guess that was an engrish sentence :<)
MS Intelli Explorer 3.0 OEM (2nd Hand)
Price € 19,90
400 dpi - Optical Sensor

not wireless!
for that budget
or if you cant find that then this one

when you receive it download a program that lets you change mouse polling rate on your PC and set it to 500hz

and i used both at one point :) now the 3.0 intellimouse which is more expensive than you want to pay but is the next step up from those too... altho the optical sensor is practically the same, they are lovely mice
G5>mx518 on everglide mouse pad
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For that budget you would be a moron not to buy ms intellimouse optical or ms wheelmouse optical. They are the best for that price and even better than some expensive mice(you just have to get used to them) but generally they are not "skipable" as long as you use 500hz patch and not some 70cm/360 sensitivity.

Intelli 3.0 is basicly a deathadder without all the gimmicks. Just use 500hz and they perform flawlessly: never skip and their hardware neg accel is nonexistent unless you are mew playing cpma with sens 80cm.
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