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This seems to have dragged out forever, I went to buy a new pc from Scan but one of the parts is out of stock. Ordered 3~ weels ago and they've still no date on when they'll have it in stock.

So I'm after an equivalent or better replacement for a similar price. Any suggestions?

image: pc

Loadsa love !
rich bitch :)
Corsair DDR2 XMS 2Gb PC5400
That'd be a downgrade right? Offer the same performance?
runs at a slower speed, but to be honest with memory there isn't all that much difference anyway. Just get as much as you can for as cheap as you can. I suggest this, because it's what I have ;)
You run new games ok? ET:QW etc
ET:QW is broken for me, but I get good fps no problem.
image: corsair-dominator-dual

buy this one ;P
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