RtCW key?!

hi guys i know that there will be much useless comments now but does someone have a cd-key (to play online) for RtCW for me?

send me a ig msg plz to talk... :x
what do i get in return?
yeah i have rtcw key but not for u ;d
what do i get in return?
what do i get in return?
what do i get in return?
haha i want
gimme money and you will get her
ban incomming
i need one too, since my key is banned :<
jos tuut pelaa fixedii ni saat
I have one but will use it soon, coz need to pracc before cdc3 :)
I need one to cuz I only have a fucked up keygen
lets paly paly then...
it's only £4 to buy anyway T_T
use an etkey
I could give two or three keys. PM me, will send it later this evening if will be still needed :)
send it to me =P
warez omg!!!
i am searching for anyone that don't play rtcw anymore and would give me a key to play online...pm me plz!!

Hf [[]]]
i get 2 rtcw key , but i allready gave one :[
Quotei get 2 rtcw key , but i allready gived one :[

humm3l engrish?

I got 2 rtcw keys, but I already gave one away.*
Go buy from shop, its under 9e these days.
and worth every penny, rtcw was miles better than et in its day.
So true m8 :)
some say it still is ..
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