BaseRace Cup 2007 powered by GMC-Clan (ger)

Aufgrund der hohen Anfrage werden wir ein neues Baserace Turnier veranstalten!
Beginn des Turniers wird der 26 Juli sein! Zugelassen werden wie immer 32 Clans!
Anmeldungen bitte im:
Bitte meldet genug Spieler an, diesmal wird es keine Nominierung während des Cups geben, der Administrative Aufwand ist einfach zu groß! Anmeldeschluss ist Turnierbeginn!
Regeln werden im Forum und hier in den Newskommentaren zu lesen sein!
Wir hoffen das Ihr und wir, wieder genausoviel Spaß haben werdet wie die letzten Jahre und vor allem jeder doch hoffentlich an das Motto glaubt dabeisein ist alles!
Alles ist es natürlich nicht!
Auch diesmal wird es wieder einen 16 Slot Server für ein halbes Jahr zu gewinnen geben!

Because of the huge popularity of our last two Baserace cups, we, the [GMC] Clan, proudly present the Baserace Cup 2007!
The cup will begin on July 26th and there will be 32 teams able to participate.
You can sign up in our forum.
Please make sure that you sign up enough players because unlike the two cups before there will not be the possibility to sign up players during the tournament because of administrative expenditure. The signups end on July 26th.
The rules will be displayed in our forum.
or in the news coments on our website.
We hope that all of us are going to have as much fun as in the years before and that everybody is just going to have a great time.
The winner will again receive a 16 slot server for half a year, sponsored by our clan.
hf with the ban!
Du reimer o: [ger]
shut the fuck up!!!!
hi2u my sweety lover :)) <3
GMC Todeszone !!!1111
:DDDD ur old clan! the GMC pwn0r
that wasnt my old clan ! oO

ah sry ur not ghana :x
Reading > you
ban ban ban
ffs omg wtf fu
Sol, where are you?!

Nah, seriously, nice idea :D If I weren't going to Germany for 2 weeks I would get some people and participate in it.
:< damn forgot that already wanted sing you up :D
gl at car-stealing
Tell me where do you live and what car do you drive so I know which one should I steal first.
Might be able to play with someone /q me @ #team-euler
Got 2 many attemps LOlOloLlolOl
If i had some Guys playing with me in the Cup :/

Btw how long does the Cup take?
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