`Fps wtf?

So i bought a new vid card Asus Extreme N8500GT/Silent/HTD *512MB*

and still i got 50 FPS in karsiah... Can it be my config or?

other specs from pc
Intel pentium 4 3.0Ghz
1536mb ram
Asus motherboard
yes its your config
k... any1 got a better *fps* config?
maybe you can try etconfig.exec and watch your fps in that config otherwise i could give me config if you like
k i will try after the war ;D
LoL, I got 30-50fps in Karsiah map....Thank god I have this shitty comp <3
I got 10 on karsiah so... THANK GOD I HAVE THIS MORE SHITTY COMP<3
yo domi <3 :))) add me @ msn and u can get my cfg ^^ (very low)
Just incompatibility, try to leave just 1 GB RAM...maybe you have 2x512 mb DualC ? Try just with them . I had the same problem a few time a go and the problem was the incompatibility between motherboard and memory.
my motherboard can handle 4gb...
I think it's your CPU (do you have a p4 HT i suppose)

Well when you have Hyper Trading 1cpu become 2cpus (but it's not dual core like CORE DUO) but ETPro doesnt use all 2 cpus but only one, then half of gHz, then gay fps like me ;)

yours is good enough, just clean it(the fan and heat sink), and see if your fps improves
done that...
MSI NX8600GTS > Asus Extreme N8500GT/Silent/HTD *512MB*

what did it cost?

bad choice anyway :( sorry m8
bad choice? :x only 100 euro ..
mines was 200 euro, when it was just out/ good as new

now smth like 160 i think..
that card is totally crap... low end card with new features, gg.
That video card is the best choice for that price so stfu. Not the video card is the problem . I had a 7300 GT (50 euros) with 3400+ and 1 GB RAM and the fps was 333, np.
And you are? I just said the truth about this card and if you don't like it stop telling me that on such way. So stfu yourself prick.
and what would you buy with 100 euros ? 7600 ?
your pc will run crap if u have 3 x 512 when 2 x 512 are in dual channel. Either get the 1x512 out of the single channel slot or get 4 x 512.
#cfg.help @ Qnet
com_maxfps 125

look in my profile ;-)
with your hardware you should get 100 easyly
tre formatting your pc every 2 days it should keep your fps up......... lol
linux is solution for all kind of pains, besides that ET is a crapy game and it use more of CPU than GFX
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