CoD 2 key

Willing to trade RTCW key + ET:QW (beta) key for a Working REAL CoD2 Key (no cheater key!)
got a Steam account to :D
Qauke 3 + qauke 4 keys to :o

thanks in advance :D

Pm Kpks\Domi @ #crossfire

or here
im in need cod2 key too can trade it to rtcw,quake4,steam acc, and et:qw beta key
Qauke 3 + qauke 4 keys to :o
yo domi lets play then!!!!
rapster , you got a team? , cus krato and i need some guy to play 3on3 ;D
shh im zeh pwnage calling every1 hacker etc :DDD (but my first 2 kills were 2 hs! :D)
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