I want my fps back ;<

(sorry that i post it again...but i want some useful comments )

hey dudes...

long time ago i had 125 fps stable in et and now somehow i only get like 40 fps on sw_goldrush if you look from the truck to the bank entrance. even with a high detail cfg i could get stable 100 fps at least. even in warsow i got 125 fps stable and now suddenly they go down to 60-80. playing with so less fps isnt funny :< just because you know, my connection is quite bad so my fps dont have to be bad aswell :'(

my specs:

cpu: pentium 4 (3 ghz)
ram: 1024 mb
gfx card: ati radeon x700 with 128 mb ram

is there any way to improve the performance of my pc (already tried overclocking my gfx card some time ago, but it almost destroyed it) ? or is there maybe any setting i could have changed that it works so bad/is there any setting in the catalyst control center which can improve my fps?

thanks for your help in advance :(

the desperate vaGgi ;<

edit: could it be related to that my pc is overheated or smth?
write a petition
I wish you good luck with solving your problem :>
thanks darling
remove pnkbstrA and b.exe
What do they do? o,O
dno it's some pnkbstr noob shit that makes my et lag (also other people)

quit ET go to c:/windows/system32/ and delete pnkbstrA and b.exe
but warsow doesnt use the punkbuster system and it lags aswell for me suddenly

edit: and i dont have that .exe datas in my system32 folder because i never installed etqw on my pc
I can't delete it, it's currently in use or the file is protected, and i don't have ET running or smth.
veilige modus opstarten en vooral stoppen me whinen over mijn hax kthx
Zolang ge u der zo over blijft opjagen blijf ik da doen ze kerel :D
And i don't know how to go to safe mode :XD
ik jaag me ni op ma ik stel me u altijd voor als een manneke van 12, hoewel dak nu weet dat et ni zo is.
Btw gwn pc restarten en terwijl datie opstart op F8 drukken
Ik gedraag me ni naar men leeftijd op het internet, da weet ik ook, en als ik me ni amuzeerde zou ik er al lang mee zijn gestopt. Anyway, ge weet nu dak het ma doen om te lachen/flamen :P
respect daj da zo volhoudt dan :p
and you should be banned aswell :<
You want your darling to be banned? :o

Please put (dutch) in your forum post ;D
buy a new fan for your destroyed gfx card
hmmm well nice advice, but i think if it would be destroyed i would make much less fps, dont you think so? ;| then i couldnt even record frags with 150 fps like i did yesterday (strange that at least that works without any problems)
r_swapinterval 0
this is a joke, isnt it
download Fraps from fraps.com
put it on.. don't do anything with it
(gives my laptop +500 fps if i want to)
as i posted on the other one :

i have exactly the same problem and i have better specs than you :/
Used to get 125fps stable evrywhere and somewhere donw the road my fps dropped to like 60 or even 55 at bank at goldrush or at karsiah.

I tried pretty much evrything and i think that a format is the only solution. I myself am too lazy to do that though.
Reinstall OS
arent you moviemaker? what for do you need stable fps?
Same problem here, but my drops are worse :/

What I tried to solve:

Tweaked GFX Card
Riva Tuner Tweaks
Run several windows XP cleaing programms to optimize (TuneUp, WinXP Manager, SpeedUpMyPC)
Running real-time CPU optimalisation program (SpeedUpMyPC)
Cleaned up Hard Disk Drive
Got ET Config tweaked (which doesnt matter cause in some maps i can get 125 fps anyway and i can get 76 fps @ many spots)
Reinstall ET

my temps are quite normal (55 degrees stable, and 58 when running the game)

So possible things i see here as solution:

Clean hardware
Reinstall Windows
lol! i think i solved the problem.

i just removed a plate of my pc case and now the fps seem to be normal again :p it was just because of the heat inside my pc

thanks for all your advices anyway
So basicly, if i clean my pc again, it should be fixed?

as in dust etc?

Would be odd
55 degrees would be too hot for me..
+20 degrees for real temp = 75° max. 90 just 15° left..
20degrees in my case, 55degrees on my cpu thingie
im talking about cpu temp oO
why +20 for real temp?

+ its amd, they always get hot
because your pc didnt show u the real temp of your cpu..
its because the sensor isnt right on the hottest spot of ur cpu. so u have to add around 20° to get teh real temp
minmum fps required for smooth gaming is 32 so npimo
I get 5-15 on radar and 20-30 on sw_gr
Someone told me I might got broken CPU, is this possible etc? everything else is running fine
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