Azrael teh movie

Hello dear community!

I would like to have my own fragmovie but i dont realy have time patience and skills to make one by my own. I have some demos sorted but not everything but if i will find a moviemaker i will do it in couple days. The last thing is music... i would like to have it in my style. If you need more informations you can find me at #devilry and

EDIT Movie should be around 5-6 min so not really long :)

Thanks for your attention.
i wanna have atleast a shoutout :>
btw... 5-6 min are not enough to present your nexus skillz :P
shhhhh or they will bust me
Azrael teh movie aka limited net =D
my net is unlimited :( min speed 1 mb/s
good luck Azrael
nick stealer :o
dont know anything about that
azrael was a Slovenia et player ... but ok she quited

gl with fragmovie
I want a shoutout !
plz keep in mind that i always loved you.
gl with teh movie
gl... hope there will be many subtilitas frags
no1 wants too make it so prolly there wont be any ;x
have you been in the channel ?
no moviemakers avi and like 10 ppl searching
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