beta/rize needs a moviemaker

we are in need of new moviemaker

got around 80+ demos from wars in 2006 (butch, pumu, keran, hatred, licid; ernie doesnt record + 1 from shy)
all demos with times etc for the important frags
also got some shoutcasts for our games (with screams etc, no boring ones)

msg me in #team-beta
ruipperi quit? :S
he told me that he has a new boyfriend and no time for the movie anymore (didnt have time before also, but....)
what a disgusting gay :(
"ernie doesnt record"

n1 selfbust. you lost all your awards now
mh wasnt mojo going to do one :s
msg sce @ #clan.mvk @ qnet, he is working with torspo's movie atm but maybe after that he can do urs.
theres 3 or 4 more from shy btw but i have them only @ my old pc =p

nice material and superb shoutcasts :]
verygood project for any moviemaker who has time and motivation!

there are no good et moviemakers tho that would be willing to take over the project rly
ultraviolet plz
The screams are from riZe vs ND ?
some of them atleast :P i loled at the panzerfaust scream :-D
That was kris if I remember correctly?
i only remember tosspot saying "acozz says "player of the match thx ffs" player of the match? player of the bloody season!"
gL Anonymous beta

too bad that ruipperi cant bring it to the end the all shortclips i saw ownd
now who gave it to you :<

i like the popups !!!
but tell me(keran)!!!!

i didnt like the font in popups !!!
it looks so cod like !!!
sorry rezhni I deleted my comment n shit before I read your reply
come on "hilfsaffe" :<
I might be interested but im too low skilled in moviemaking =<
yea beta ownz =p
sry but, HACKERs

no can do.

anyways gl finding one!

need 2nd Zaigon!
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