PanZeRRRRRf4ust ! *2*

upload some naaaaaiiissss panZerfaust frags (3+ frags...special shots with 2 kills or smth are welcome too | also the panzerfausts can be in combination with grenades/mp or whateva)

pm me at #vaGgi and gimme link for ze dem0s

skill not important (you dont have to be winghaven-alike but the shots should be k00l, not only b0ring spawn-l4me!)

10x for ze attencioné

edit: take outs are also if you got some funny stuff or smth :p

edit2: dont forget to insert the times in an extra readme or in the demoname

UPDATE: luger-killingsprees are also welcome! or just nice lugerfrags or whatever :O)
if i pwned uniX with pistol ( 3hs) in et_ice , is that good enough ?
hmm yea i think so :p
I've got an 4 man panzer vs Israel insanity !
so what you're waiting for?! :)
I have to look it up , I will msg you when I found it
ask Germany Kito
i have the proest rnade ever wanna see it?
dont ask, just upload it =)
i have a noice kill in braundorf!
You downloaded mine already?
so smg frags are not welcome? :[
hmmm i just wanted to have panzerfaust frags but i think ppl would get sick of only panzerfaust through the whole movie so yes, upload some smg frags if you want squall :p
hmmm... 3support fire and 2smg? :< ( 5v5)

no? ok :<
would be ok too cuz then it wont be so boring
I could search for my pf frags but they are fucking old coz last game I played liek almost 1 year ago :D
3 man grenade + 1 man colt is okidoki ?
omgoat thats my idea =[ but i left it, so if u want i have like 12-13 demos of pf shots from players includes times :D + i'll add few of mine
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