My 1st Fragmovie

Hey all

I've started with my first fragmovie that i'm acctualy hoping to finish.
but I have some questions don't look at the Quality and the .wmv it's jsut a test.

What you think of the Sync, Blur and the camtrace.
Braundorf is abit dark tried to change the Gamma but it didn't work

Thanks for your comments and flame if you don't like it.

P.S Sorry for the slow download :)
wmv , are you kidding me ?
edit: oh just test, ok
wmv is not bad
hard to say but this is one of the best movies
hmmm your joking :P
ownage frags
amazing camera movements
awesome musics
creative texts
those noise effect on the right side is just brilliant

i really like it !
shame on you, nonix!

btw how do u spell the word id write bozmek?
bazdd meg !
riellie? i worked with hungarians on the field this summer, and they were shouting that all the time :<<<
it means fuck you, and this is used in every sentence here !

like How are you bazd meg ?!
i know, but here im used to it, irl, in contrast im pretty sensitive and tender so this idd shocked me to the bone!
btw the frags are not from a highskilled person so.
it's just for 2 of my clanmates that i made this.
We will see them on ettv in an EC clan. I bet!
-more fps plz
-no vdub mblur (i suppose u used that)
-the text popping up cant be called sync really and neither does the text itself look convincingly good
-try to make the cams with less fixpoints for a smoother flow
-there was this faulty line on the right side, either increase your desktop resolution or record in fullscreen
thanks for the info needed something like this :D
not bad for the first movie.. like juliank said.. more fps =)
and intro was way too long and boring
i still hass sees you in warsau fragmouvie!
hehe.. warsow is good game =) make warsow movie ^^
maybe i will one day
needs more fps + dont do that time posterize thingie

nice font
i think thats one of the best cfgs / view i have seen in a movie.

now add some decent music and frags and it will be fine
marvellous quality :)

but I got nothing to add to julianK
I would have more flowing camera movements, or lower blur (with nothing to focus on while it moves it can hurt the eyes - not a problem in first person as theres the gun/xhair)

the text overlayed wasnt great, the white shadowing outside of the black didnt look pristine enough, with the V's etc- could see what seemed to be no use of anti-aliasing within the text program.

the quality was quite nice though, a little higher FPS wouldnt hurt- their is a small flaw on the side but I guess thats a smallscreen capturing bug- try fullscreen or higher desktop resolution.
- r_subdivisions 100?
- Garbage on the right side (captured in windowed mode?).
- Really ugly text (white border, no anti-aliasing).
- Try maintaining approximately the same speed of movement when doing soft transitions (e.g. supply -> braun) to keep the flow.
- The motion blur may be ok in clips with a slow moving cameras, but looks really bad once there's moving players or faster camera movement.

GL with the movie. :)
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