Losing Key Packets


To report if you are losing key packets. I am hoping that something is fixed soon, so that we can play RtCW again!

I guess that the more people who submit the error the more Punkbuster will realise it's cocked up.
there is nothing wrong with pb, your pc is fucked and your too retarded to admit it
Hmm, reinstall pb

i got the same problem when i disabled

punkbuster A / B services
Oh, I forgot to mention, people who only play Shrub need not respond! (i.e. Goliath)
PB works fine for me (osp 0.9).

You're not on 64bit XP/Vista are you?
Nope. RTG public and jolt3 public (and any private server in europe) are kicking everyone I know after 5 minutes with 'losing key packets' punkbuster error. Have spoken to punkbuster support in irc channel, installed latest pb, uninstalled, no difference.

What server are you playing on? :)
not only rtcw was dead but now its trying to kill the remaining players :(
fucking rtcw pb is fucked :((((((
fix it !! grr
i quitted in july 2006 :O
still someone plays it? incredible
Oh my God. You stopped playing? What am I going to do? I've wasted my life now!!
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