what about kruml?

my team is playing the team-desire cup - our opponent was the simpsons (kruml lyo and misterX or masterX dunno) thus i ckecked crossfire and yawn - my result was this "old" thread: http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=journal&mode=item&id=29143

but nothing happend - no cbban or other stuff - so i wanna ask is he a cheater or is there a good excuse like "it was his brother!"?

the yawnwarning says: Netherlands (Vlissingen)
the whoisdomainthingtool says this to his ip ( http://whois.domaintools.com/ - Netherlands Vlissingen

and a crossfireadmin has done a ipcheck and:
"hey misterXYZ - can you do a IP check on Crossfire - if this IP refers to kruml - thx"
" yes it's kruml"
"and pyroz"
" mh pyroz fakeaccount?"
"guess so"

i am not aware of all the facts with ip dynamic ips and all the other stuff ... i just wanna clear this case up - is kruml a cheater or not?
clearly, 2 good 2 be clean
hi cmppimunkey
pyroz is his brother
Well, we had pyroz in our clan, and he blamed kruml, but denied he was his brother, question is, who is it?
kruml is nice guy and doesn't cheat<3
Pyroz is really his brother
kruml has been submitted to the clanbase c&a crew, so it shouldn't be TOO long before he's banned.
he'll be lanproven in a month so no ban needed
its not gone its been actioned ban this week hopefully!
for nothing sounds rly gay to me, and tbh waki asked u already long time ago, and u said there will be no ban for him:)
I didn't reply to his PM actually! I have to process all reports i get and someone reported you. The ban is old but your details on that date matched! If it was your brother ill ban him but one of you has to go!
can u pm /q kruml
Bulld0g, you're going to get this from them both, when I spoke to PyroZ cause we kicked him from our clan, he claimed it was kruml who used the bot "we wanted to see what it was like", and now kruml is saying PyroZ? :s
yeah heard that, hmm maybe ban both :P
Might seem best unless they have full proof it was the other, cause if you just ban one you will get the same thing for a while "he did it" and so on :<
How come all cheaters still suck?
not everyone who cheated once is cheating every war you know
Exactly my point :)
zegt de lowste van allemaal

Ik kom tenminste op CDC :D
boeiend, ik kan er ook niks aan doen dat die community zoo schielig is=)
Welcome to the i-netz xD
"u said people who cheated 1 time arnt nesessarly doing it all the time i think?"

ye but I didn't judge if it's right or wrong - just pointed out that maby he ain't cheating if he sux
hes to fat imo
ja pyroz die kanker hond hahahaha
dude, you're ip checker sucks, when I'm looking up my own ip it says Netherlands Amersfoort while I live in Netherlands Harderwijk, and btw, kruml is not a cheater, he sucks too hard 4 that imo :DDDDDDD

ps: he's fat
because there is ur provider....
They actually are brothers on same pc, I cant really see pryros cheating but then again you never no.
lol hy hackt gewoon klaar..

perfo 2?
I know him in rl, pyroz is his brother and he was stupid enough to use a 2 years old detected cheat.
lol vlissingen i am from goes n1.

pls ban me i am the biggest cheater in ET commnity and spu9 u just suck if u want demo pm me in #por

edit i didnt play that cup today i was on school
dat ken je niet ej:P kijk hoe noob die ET communty is:D
true that, but there is vlissingen and i am from goes o0 thats much stranger, and u are a black monkey so stfu niger
like i care if they will ban me, i am on sea over half year for 1 year
netcoders flag ?.. were ?
i didnt say....
show it to me !
lol kan je lezen schele half tamme, "ik geef er niks om ik ga tog een jaar naar zee"
grapjas kk turk
post it here on crossfire k I will take alook at it after work
and no photoshop !
he hax ban pls
:DDDDDDDDD net alsof die ban je pijn doet je bent toch weg voor een jaar :D
ja idd:D, en tbh daarna ga ik werken=) edit wel ff man for beste panza en beste hackerin et:P
doe je vmbo dan?
nee ik zit op de zeevaartschool op het hbo
kruml is one hell of a fat cheater, ban him please!!
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