Another shidima member...

what the fuck is wrong with the previous shidima squad, another member just got busted...

Netherlands option is past tense.

(01:30:11) (Option-) gezellig met jou 6 maanden geen offi doen :p

already busted:
Austria silent
Germany viol
Netherlands perfo
Netherlands dmasterx
Belgium me
Netherlands option
just busted cheaters busting cheaters :)
trying to do something for the community <3
plz no more cheaters fuking noob
dag ali :D
nice nexus heb je daar geused ! ^^
wel vrij dom he :d
En toen kwam er een varkentje met ne lange snuit en 't verhaaltje was uit!
ha ha ha
i still luv u :<
brot busted ? olol :D
nice al7 ... now i like u again... almost! :D
viol busted ?
what does the quote mean in english?
btw viiol isnt busted ;-)
he s bústed of exzessive endless Whine
he is for using nexus.
just not banned cuz of dynamic ip
show his bust and the proof it was him 100% , otherwise gtfo
well i guess u cant show us this then, so please stay on facts when u are blaming someone
he already told u dynamic ip, so there is no 100% proof, why do u still ask for it :O
thats why im asking, dont blame someone when its not proof , already enough of such guys around.
it _WAS_ viol, he admitted it
gtfo out with your kiddo whine about dynamic ip's being no proof
if it would proof he would be banned. or am i wrong. im not whining lol. btw i never said i think viol never cheated if you would have a look to my statements.
clanbase only bans when there is 100% proof
the ip that was found in the list gave a direct match to viol, but because he had a dynamic ip it didn't give a match to his clanbase account ( because he hadn't logged in with the same ip he cheated with ). He even admitted using it and he found it funny how he didn't get banned.
first of all thanks for proving the point again.
furthermore i am very much around with viol lately so i knew all of this parts already.
it means that he wont be playing an offi for the coming six months and that he will do it or better said not do it together with me!
what? didnt know brot was busted:< or viol....
viol@fusenlist with dynamic ip (thats why the peeps say he is busted)

brot@no decent bust atm
u should support me instead of posting useless shit on ze interwebs :D or i will stop busting people :<
(03:31:07) (@al7^) need a merc fast NO FUCKING GUYS THAT WILL GET KICKED FOR PBHACK
haha true, yesterday that shit happened twice!
punkbuster updated :o
i was wrong, brot isnt busted
all busted HAHA
option , je bent een sukkel!
you forgot mqtri into shidima list
whos Belgium me xDD
zolang als ge mij maar nie bust uit revenge :)
Goliath will be next!
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