cod2 noob question...

we just played a 2on2 against very strange opponents...

one was not dead after 15+ shots from garand... and the other walked under the map...

what the fuck was this?
/sv_cheats 1
/sv_cheats 1
/sv_cheats 1
/sv_cheats 1
can you explain it plz?
It means the default cheats were on and they could use various cheat commands like /god (unkillable) /noclip (fly through everything)

Always play on CB cfg or equilevant to avoid these things ...
we used ESL config...
If the name of the config is ESL 2v2, it doesn't mean it actually is that.
they allowed cheats on theyre server and cheated
nothing serious, they were just having fun :)
/rcon devmap mp_any

-> /god, /demigod, /noclip

Even a CB cfg won't stop it; just make a bind: bind g noclip; tap it and you can be sure(even inFlux.cod2 try that stunt now and then, but they're kinda sad).
Although I'd say they just took advantage of new players :p
Hehe we first did /sv_cheats 1 on our server too. Just having a bit of fun. Were playing against 2 guys and we came behind them everytime with noclip :p.

After a few rounds we went to exploit things with the cheats :p. Was fun. They were not complaining, they used it too ^^

But always make sure that you try /noclip if you are on a server. If that works, then cheats are enabled.
i had it once where the opponent wanted to kill me with a horse!
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