need help please <3

Hy Guys !
I wanna play RTCW, but i don't find a Link where i can download it..
Can someone of you help me?
thx in advance <3
U need to buy it.

Edit: ET = Free RTCW = moneyyy
l0l0l, RTCW costs money. buy it ffs!
rtcw is still not public and thats good as it is...

if et would have cost about 20 or 30 euros, there wouldnt be as many cheaters
and maybe a tenth of the amount of players it has at the moment... if even that, most likely it would be dead already =(
rofl hi2u worm :)
yesterday our pwnage versus you xD
me xAv and bh_
more cheaters pls
haha love you 2 :) thx 4 bind
u can download rtcw demo or et for free

just seach at google

"free download enemy territory" or "free download rtcw demo"

rtcw demo??
why demo?
cuz rtcw isnt for free

but i started with demo too...its funny ^^
okay thx <3 nice guy
np and have fun with et/demo


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emule xd
lol ilegal^^ kein wunder das du wonder heißt xD
emule is legal :P
your files, you are downloading.. mh.. most of them are not allowed, thats right.. :x

but.. who cares? :D
give me Link <3 Please
i cba 2 find it myself, but do a search here, at least 1 journal/forum post has a link to a download of a ftp, not sure about cdkeys.
Very Nice from all of you
i love you all <3 :)
You still need a key even if you have the Iso
gimme a key I offer sex
I bought the game like a year ago but it still didnt figured out how to play it online :XD
another game where you would suck ass.. do not try it :)
download torrent and ask a key in trade of some hot sex
i want a RTCW KEY..FOR hot sex with ....
ME? :D (or my mum xD)
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