Oops busted

My friend and I were playing today after school against some guys. Nothing special at first till we started to notice some things... One of those guys seemed to know exactly where we were all the time. He didnt even tried to hide his hax imo. So we took some pbss. And the result is actually pretty funny.


and his yawn, new, unexpected.


Its just sad.
Oops, shit happenz.
yay more bust topics
I bet that he was just testing hitboxes!
such tool would be nice though, to see where the hitboxes are when they feel buggy :)
nice bust
eth32 is popular nowadays
Looks nice.
eth32 once again.
Lol at his name @ yawn
stupid cheaters

mise is hacking as well + the funny thing is they search med+. They should be proud on their hax :x
whaha :D
no hacks
those hitbox things u can do with server config ! ..
but those other stuffz u cant prolly 8(
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