3 mice...

Hi, i got here 3 mice..

-Razer Deathadder
-Razer Diamondback
-Logitech MX518

Which one is in youre opinion smooth ingame and good feeling in ur hand?

I choose for Logitech MX518, this is the best mouse for me.
Razer Deathadder also nice ingame, but after 1,5 hours gaming, my thumb gets auwwie :D
Razer Diamondback also nice, but its a bit to small for my hand :<

flame on..
Razer Diamondback
and why?

ps: i go sleep now, read comment tomorrow.. zZzZzZZz
because i have one and it's damn good....no problems with it :D
good night :D
Razer Diamondback is the best mouse ever :)
true and now stop playing with mod aka bsturz >_>

I've been speccing them for some time and don't think any of them uses hax
true efax pwnz :P
he doesn't play with us before cdc, and we will see if he pwnz there or not
Logitech MX518 is quite nice..i hate those razor mouses!
i love deathadder, but if it hurts you, stick to the mx518
i will stick to the MX518, better for my hand.. i go rly sleep now :D
i got MX518 and Speed Link keyboard with blue backround light xDxD

but i tried razor too imo mx518 is the best gaming mouse
learn engrish LeAN <3
check the time xD
I'd go for the Deathadder if you like the shape, otherwise the 518...
I have mx510 and Razer Copperhead, and I like mx510 more tho :p fits better. altho I have used copper only couple days so havent got used to it yet, i quess :p nice mouses em both.
i had copperhead also, bit sucky mouse tbh, i sold it on ebay :P
ye :p my first gaming mouse was copperhead, red one :p then I sold it and buyed 510, now I buyed copperhead again coz it was 10e for me so it was np :P
got the mx518 and copperhead chaos and indeed, nothing beats the mx series :)
deathaddder :>
I went from the MX518 to the Deathadder, no problems for me, but better of the two would have to be the Deathadder, no idea why it just feels, plays better.
mx 510 rocks all
I've tried the diamondback, copperhead, deathadder, mx510, mx518 and I must say the diamondback is the best. Waiting for my diamondback 3G though.
what's the difference of Diamondback and DeathAdder?
I'm currently using DeathAdder. :]
I havent used diamondback yet.
shape, and deathadder is laser which isn't a good thing imo... DA also works only on 1800dpi which is kinda bad thing as well
none, razer copperhead and/or logitech g5.
send me the razer, i have small hands and mine is broken and i cant find receipt.

i prefer razer
how much you pay ;)
i'll ul a lot of music for u? have 2gb space on my ftp.. :D
for me, deathadder is zeh best. i used to play with mx310 and really liked it but after i tried deathadder, i fell in love, really :)
db imo.. i would use it
-Logitech MX518
prolly logitech mx518
Rzer vs Logitech should be better question.

Cause it's all about the feeling you have yourself with these mouse.

Personally i prefer MX 518 (find it nice to handel)
But thinking about going to G5 V2 (cause of the 1000 Reports)
mx518 imo
i rly like my copperhead <3
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