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Hi, first of all I'd like to make clear that im not really at home in the COD2 community :). But im posting this thread because my clan and I are in search for a skilled COD2 squad wich would be interested in joining our clan.

Maybe some info first:
-name clan:
-irc @qnet

What can you expect from us?

In return we only ask you to playing under our name and idle in the channels etc. Your skilled should be med+/high at least higher would be great.

You can contact us on irc.

PS: tips or channels concerning better ways to find a team are always welcome :).

Thx heretic
I'm a good cod2 player
I'm a good cod2 player
I'm not a good cod2 player
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I can have a better score with 10 fps then allir with 180 fps ? am i leet enough?
if allir has only one arm and is blind, then not
nope :< hes only mentally ill
10 fps in cod2 LOL? with dx7 everyone get min. 70fps!
not with a 64mb vid card!
i got cod2
i got called a:

cheater 3 times
camper 183 times
noob 3096 times
retard 17 times

in cod2
image: insultexcel

QuoteIn my time online I've been called "fag" approximately 104,165 times. I keep an Excel spreadsheet. I've also been called "asshole" and "cockweasel" and "fuckcamel" and "cuntwaffle" and "shitglutton" and "porksword" and "wangbasket" and "shitwhistle" and "thundercunt" and "fartminge" and "shitflannel" and "knobgoblin" and "boring."
"fartminge" "shitflannel" "shitglutton...excellent new words for me...thx!
i liked wangbasket
My h4x does'nt work nemore :(
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