punkbuster error

My classmate gets this error..!
Question is, How to solve this problem.

image: error

Thanks in Advance!
He must have Administator rights on his Pc imo
He is admin..
please... google for it first.. it's the most common error in the whole damn game
if thats true.. then perhaps you know how to solve his problem, so tell me.
reinstalling et on admin privilages will help it. if not google it if not format windows only =) if not buy new pc >iD
ya i get alot errors like : multihack and pbhack usualy when i shoot 3hs per frag
if not /quit
Never heard of this error :O
Probably your security programs block access to resources on your computer like (antyvirus)

btw: for future >http://www.evenbalance.com/index.php?page=faq-et.php
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