clan for ec

im looking for a clan that will play ec 100%.

query me @ quakenet. nick sexyhot

im active
bit skilled
and experienced.

take me! :P

( i play all classes except rifle )

forgot. im a clanhopper, but i dont have team since last ec. sooo okey :P
gl amigo *
this guy had more teams then oc had singups this season...but gl anyways...
i dont have a team since last EC how can u say that :/
hmm hmm hmm por sexyhot? if so then you are the biggest clanhoper in et besides kevin ofc:P

nhf like i sead gl hope you find what you are looking for surly a skilled player.
ye por sexyhot. last clan i had was AUXilia, i played at cpc2 and ec. since then i didnt have any other clan coz of wow. :) so dont know what ur talking about :)
nah gl.. cb log > all :P
cb log? like trying to get a team for cdc3? :) okey :P or even this ec? :)
lol. what can u see there from last cdc2? me leaving clans that ive been for more than 1 year? :) what i said was not wrong. from last cdc2 that i dont have a clan.
like you sead in most of 2007 you played wow so pls...
in 2006 you had 22 cb clans (god knows how many more who didnt register to cb) not counting team por and paparazzi ofc so your average time in a team is what 2,3 weeks the hole year? rofl...
i joined a lot of fun teams, and portuguese lan team aswel.. :x cant u see the diference from known and good teams for the fun teams? or changing MGC or and shit?
wtf? You're an idiot, stop talking about stuff you don't know anything about

you shouldn't mix up teams changing mgc and players changing clan because i've had 3 clans in the last year and a half

( mylegend 141 vae, aestas, and <[o]> as a lan team )

oh and if you're gonna take a look at my cb log just like you did with sexyhot, I hope you're smart enough to distinguish the mix j4f teams and the serious teams, but somehow I think you won't be able to do that
hmm, nothing to say anymore? go annoy someone else :)
nah i have a lot to say i just aint bored to flame you right now cu later...
hi2u #eZ Kevin.

but he is quite right, u are very unstable player.
when did i actually ever play with ez, my net was down during a whole month remember
well it wasnt just the net, but anyway, do you consider yourself as a stable player?
fairly stable, just tell me how much teams i've had besides the sheep team? ( intellic ==> lgend ==> 141, and vae after a period of inactivity )

you'll end up with

ez = never played with you guys , only that ec quali against the dutch hackers
czar = played there for 2 months and then i couldn't combine it with school for a couple of weeks anymore, and i had to leave
<[o]> = lanteam
im not talking of how many teams u had, im talking about ur stability, which in my opinion isnt very stable, have sheep to confirm this if u want :XD
i'm stable when it's worth it,

in 141 there was always alteast one guy half an hour / an hour late, and it rarely was me, after a while you lose motivation to just sit on mirc waiting for the 6th, or you disagree?
ffs lemmie play with you!
gl sexygay :P
hmm, you're right about that one

<< off to school, :[ need to get a book i forgot and this fking sucks, bb
gl dude
gl to you mate!!!! very friendly player & skilled as well. get him!
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