Playz LAN #2

Hello everyone. Earlier tonight I'd a meeting with Playz Hall of Game to discuss future events and we have decided to start with the following tournaments:

Call of Duty 2 5vs5 - 32 teams
Day of Defeat: Source 6vs6 - 16 teams

Because of some upcoming tournaments at Playz Hall of Game later this month we have decided to not release a date until these events are finished. This is simple because we feel we have a greater possible to attract sponsors to our events after that event has taken place.

However the tournaments are planned to take place in late November/early December this year and on different weekends. Each tournament will be played over two days (Saturday and Sunday) with groupstages and playoffs for both tournaments.

Additional information such as prizes, dates, times, partners and of course prizepurse will be released in 3 to 4 weeks together with an event website. We are sorry for the delay but this is for the best of the events and we hope you'll agree with us regarding that. With the real announcement being made later this month you will have around 2 months to get everything scheduled.

If your team is interested in the event and you believe you can make it to the event you can send a 'interest' registration to:

Call of Duty 2 -
Day of Defeat: Source -

Please include your clans name, website, irc channel and contact person (with email adress). This registration is not cogent!

If you have any questions please visit #Playz.LAN on QuakeNet.
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