lag probleme

ok ! since may-b 10 days ive been having major lag issues :s i posted on many forums annd tried several things but nothing worked i hope u guys can help me !!
Thats what im getting every 20 sec
i have called my isp they came and tested the internet made some repairs and left and it was the same even after their intervention!!
i get that spike every 20 sec or so and like u can c a major packet loss and a hole in the connection (green line ) and then for like 4-5 sec after the lag spike a get a 400 ping (some ppl say its due to antiwarp)
need help plz :s
its a yellow shark
Check your pc for spy wares and viruses :x I guess that has nothing to do with your internet connection :C
I used to have something like that, dont remember how I fixed it... am guessing something with NAT or reinstalling windows...
Start = > Run => cmd

Next type 'netstat' and here u are.

Thats for win xp
i have no firewall !! i nvr run any programs other than et (vent) ive checked spywares and viruses several times (antivirus kaspersky and anti spy is xoftspy ) its pretty good shit but if any1 of u has anything better ill try it lol ill do anything to work et again :p
And jadolek i done ur thing and what am i supose to do with the results ? like what is it suppose to show if its good and if its not
Ad-Aware SE Personal Edition
i had the same 2 weeks ago, i tried virus scans and stuff.

after that i did format and everything was oke :)

anyway u could try to reisntall ET first.
i did reinstall et 2 times ;s i even installed it on a different hard drive and same probleme !! i guess ill have to format :s
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