RtCW Movie Collection

Dear fellow wolf players,

I would like to announce that I collect wolf movies to safe them for getting lost like some old movies already did. Maybe some of you know it for some time cause I do this job since the beginning of 2006 and made some posts at www.warleagues.com. Others maybe don't know anything about this project.

With this post I hope to find some more people who wanna contribute to safe the wolf movies for the 'next generation'. What would you think when you 'google' for RtCW in 2 or 3 years and don't get a usefull result? In my opinion this would be a shame.

Since the great site www.swertcw.com is dead I had some trouble to find new mirrors for the dead one. I made it through the bad days cause www.RtCW4ever.de provided me with new mirrors for the biggest wolf movie collection in the net at www.planet-movies.com I try to collect as much information about the wolf movies, write descriptions, add all download mirrors i find, make screenshots, make and embed previews and add streams (e. g. youtube, google video, stage6, own3d.at)...

Unfortnately my movie descriptions are in german cause my english isn't good enough. :( But many features don't depend on the language. And the site navigation can be switched between english and german (flags in the top of the site). So I hope the site gets an added value for people who wanna know more about RtCW and especially all wolf movies. In my opinion it isn't a waste of energy if only a handful people gain a benefit visiting this site.

There are 430 wolf movies in the database of planet-movies.com. Visit: http://planet-movies.com/index.php?nav=files&action=show&id=21&lang=eng

Most of these movies are (now again) available for downloading. Round about 100 movies aren't yet. But many movies aren't even mentionend. 100? 200? I don't know.

This is the intention of my post:

- If you know one or more mirrors for a movie you made / you like / whatever I would be grateful if you just to add a new mirror. This can easily be done, by filling out the link field and press the send button at the movie description. It's a job done in seconds.

- If you have or know a movie that isn't in that list of 430 movies you can use the link form: http://planet-movies.com/pv:gamemovie-upload?nav=linking
or if you prefer you can contact me by e-mail: bruder.talon@gmx.de

- Maybe I can find some people who wanna upload some movies to one-click-filehoster like filefront.com? The result would be that we can provide much more mirrors in a shorter time.

- If you have got a movie but don't have a mirror and don't want to upload it to a filehoster you can upload it to my ftp server. In this case please contact me for an account.

- All these movies were made by wolf players. So where are they? Did all leave the scene? In the case there are some left please check for the download links of your movie(s). Are there information missing? Do you wanna add an english description? Or whatever... Just let me know and it will be added.

Thank you for reading this damn long post. It took me 2 hours of my weekend. :)
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