#cpma.et community movie planned

PM me if you want to be a part of it.

- cpma.et idler
- CPM frags only
- timemarked demos
- preferably from duels
- and ofc decent content

You should start sending demos right away.
ask Anonymous Loekino
ask United Kingdom Meez
i suck at CSS but i get nice frags sometimes
dont you mean ET:QW ?
It's all a lie. I own at CPMA need my frags! AND YOU'VE NEVER MADE ANY NICE FRAGS! But yeah cu@CoD4 EC!
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I dunno who banned you but i took no part in it. Stop beeing so frustrated.
instagib allowed ? :=(
instagib is crap
i might consider a nice 2+ man rail, or something spectacular on ictf
hmm i might give my übernades
me and jonas are allowed to be in it right? :DD
whats cpma?
Its a popular Quake3 mod. You can download the game for free, just pm some oppressor in #cpma.et and he will be glad to help you out.

If you are an experienced ETplayer it shouldn't take you much time to pick up the basics. Most ppl quit playing it after getting raged the first few times though :) I suggest you start by playing bots and eventually work your way up trough the numerous noobs found in #cpma.et and #cpma.na
Or just be like me and join some random 1v1 server, get railed 70-1 or so and /quit. :D
Actually that's exactly what you said. ;)
If you aint flagfaking i suggest you visit #cpma.na and tell them you are new to the game and looking for some American noobs to play with or just some advice from better players.

Also, speccing a few demos will prolly tell you a lot about how to play the game.

Don't bother about learning all the maps cpm24, cpm22 & cpm3a should be a good start for most ppl.
I suppose, next time I get bored of ET. :)
the way rimi quit? xD
help us with the #tag.et movie :'(

we has quality stuff, not the usual 'look i dead hs!!!'
i already told rimi i will, but he said you don't need it until after new year.
take ctf frags also, funny \ good ctf actions are the shit
im sure i ll get pwnd in that movie ^^
i always was there to feed the rockets... nothing more :D
ill get some shaft material.
vto only frags? :>
very nice :D, gl with it
I always play on servers where you can't record. Not that I've got good frags but that's besides the point!
only cmpa or osp to?
cpma cpm frags only
lol i once had a 180 degrees rocket shot in air and killed that retarded Belgium Jin guy @ cpm3a , but i think i deleted the demo

(13:17:51) (Jin[) it looks like you're cheating
(13:17:53) (Jin[) very very hard
(13:17:56) (Jin[) and you should fix that
(13:18:02) (Jin[) before you play more Q3 or any cups
(13:18:06) (Jin[) just a tip
(13:18:23) (vessaR) mkay
that jin is the biggest retard of belgium.
I hope he doesnt hope is part of the be community :d
he must have negative iq then
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