So hello crossfire. "New old" cheater:

pronade aka roox aka d4nken: He was busted for MD5TOOL and banned in CB for 3 months, now our "star" makes a new offence: guid spoofing. Everything is on the screen. Enjoy. (old proof about wh and new about guid spoofing)

Bulld0g takes care about him once again. Thx.
just ban whole
1) they are so annoying with their irc-spam (noone will join their retarded chan anyway)
2) they cheat
3) even this guy advertising bimbot through private querys got op in their chan.
hehe... np next proofs for their players soon. :)
the guy who advertises bimbot is a dunno member or friend, so - yes, they have an access to the bimbots database and yes - they all have bimbots from someone who has this access :)
yeah, laugh more, sad that you won't play in qualifications to ANY lan party untill I am the referee, kkthxbye

btw you didn't thank me for a ban in LGP qualifies ;(
thank you, but i dunno who are you, soz.
I am the one who is banning you in cups and lan qualifications, you don't have to know anything else :). I can say even more - BETTER that you don't know anything else :D
old but gg and ban plz
old as stara
omg at that picture how you found time to make it? oO
OMG OMG ITS CRAJSOR! fanboi detected! :> hey hey how are u?
omg at the pic, Im only seeing arrows now :(
Whaha ownd that guy few days ago in a 6o6 and they quited faster then the fastest rage quiter
nice joke.. polaks aint cheating
Not all... but I will try bust many of polish cheaters playing in CB.
start from mid+ players, coz there are 3 more each day and trying to bust lowbies is waste of time coz theres so many of them : )
its harder... anyway its important to bust many % of cheaters in CB, who cares about skill? If their play thay are potential danger ;xd
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